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Mary Drew is not responsible for any choices or decisions set forth by her clients.  Any actions made by people following a reading or event are of their own free will.  All readings are subject to personal interpretation.  Any information discussed during a reading is confidential and without judgement.  


Statement and Apologies:

Mary Drew - North Shore Psychic Medium/Author


Book: The Words We Speak

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The Words We Speak

Author: Mary Drew


The Words We Speak is a journey seen and felt through the eyes and experiences of Mary Drew, The North Shore Psychic Medium.


Everyday words and phrases has bridged the life of a woman and Medium to the Spiritual world on the other side. Life transformed in a beautiful way and took Mary Drew through meaningful lessons of love, death and healing.  


Come with Mary and explore a world seen through the perspective of a mother, medium and friend to all.



Special thanks and my deepest apologies to all my clients who have so patiently waited for a reading.  I am happy to report after many years of illness, my daughter is in rehabilitation and recovery.  Though her illnesses are ongoing, we are happy and hopeful that life will continue forward.


Thank you!

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