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Mary Drew is not responsible for any choices or decisions set forth by her clients.  Any actions made by people following a reading or event are of their own free will.  All readings are subject to personal interpretation.  Any information discussed during a reading is confidential and without judgement.  


Statement and Apologies:

I would like to make a statement to all my clients.  First, my apologies to anyone who has experienced delays and cancellations of readings.  I take my profession very seriously, and am not intentionally trying in anyway to sadden or disappoint anyone.  Readings will be scheduled, and events as well, as soon as I possibly can.  My family has been going through a difficult time over the past two years.  Just as we have been handling some very devastating road blocks in our life, we are now facing one of our biggest challenges of all.  I have a child who is battling three Chronic illnessess.  Her condition is severe and extremely painful.  Her care is first and foremost in my schedule.  If I am able to book readings and cancellations need to be made, I will always do my best to reschedule and make up to my clients any inconvenience.  Everyone knows how many free readings I give out, extra time during readings and charities I perform.  In no way would I ever do anything to harm anyone.  I am sorry for the people have been let down and not able to have a reading by me.  I pray in the future that my schedule will become more consistant and professional for you all.  As of now, and always, I am a mother first.  Connecting to the deceased is a gift and a priviledge.  I do care about all my clients feelings, thoughts and well-being.  Thank you all for your understanding and patience.  Look forward to connecting to you all in the future.