American Legion Auxiliary

Glenwood Landing Unit 336

190 Glen Head Rd.

Glen Head, NY  11545

(516) 671-6347


March 3, 2014


Dear Mary,


Words cannot begin to express our heartfelt thanks for your selfless generosity and time to host a group reading at no charge to us at our American Legion.  You supported our cause to help homeless Veterans and their families with open heart and arms.  You donated a gift basket to raffle at our event, and then when you won the 50/50 raffle you donated your winnings back to us!  Your selflessness speaks volumes of your kind nature, and we are truly blessed to have come across your path.  


We agree, homeless and Veteran should not be in the same context together.  This is a sad state when those who served our country are now destitute and forgotten.  We are hoping to change this some how, some way, and with the kindness and generosity of people like you we will succeed.  Thank you for your most generous gift of “you” for this fundraising event.  




Karen Schench

Karen Schenck

Co-President, Glenwood Landing Unit 336, American Legion Auxiliary


Gina Serroen

Gina Serroen

Co-President, Glenwood Landing Unit 336, American Legion Auxiliary


"Dear Mary Drew,

   Wow!!  I am still shaking over last nights Event at the Floral Park Fire Department Company Fundraiser.  After hours of readings and surely you were fatigued, you stayed behind to talk to so many of us.  I was told you are known for that, never running out from an event the moment it's over.  You made me laugh and cry and feel safe. You are an angel!"

"Hi Mary,

My name is Beth C.  I know you don't like people to give you last names, so I just thought I would add the C. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for volunteering your time and money to our Veterans.  They are so important to us, and get forgotten much of the time.  Yes, I am rambling.  Really just wanted to say how special I think you are.  You are way too young to have four kids. Good luck always. You changed alot of lives today!"

Mary Drew will always return calls and emails within the week of a message being left.  Mary will discuss any conditions or situations that may apply to scheduling difficulties and wait times.  


Thank you all for your continued patience and understanding!


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Great News!

Mary Drew is Now an Author

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