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Mary Drew. The North Shore Psychic Medium has been working for over a decade doing private readings.  Mary has been blessed with a gift that allows her to communicate with spirits since the age of ten.  She brings hope, love and insight to people through both laughter and tears.  She has dedicated a great part of her life to fundraising events and cancer research.  Mary Drew has become one of Long Islands established Psychic Mediums.  She can be seen at public events and is also vailable for private or group readings.  As a Medium, Mary has established a tremendous referral base due to her accuracy and empathy.  A medium is a person who communicates, interprets, and processes information given to them through spirits.  The information from past, present and future events are passed forward to the living in order to bring forth peace and comfort.  Mary is sensitive to the energy of those around her who have passed away, and takes very seriously her ability to understand the message’s given.  Mary Drew is a graduate of Mount Saint Mary’s University in Maryland with a degree in Rhetoric and Writing.  She has a Masters from Long Island University in Elementary Education and has continued her academic career by earning a degree in Landscaping, Reiki healing, and mastered her black belt in Kyokushinkaikan. Mary is a mother of four beautiful children and an advocate for animal rescue.  She has always put family and friends first, but her path to the spiritual world is truly a gift she would like to share with those in need.  Her kind heart and ability to create a personal experience for each person she reads has transformed many lives. The grieving process is one that Mary can relate to on a personal level.  In June of 2000, Mary lost her brother John to cancer.   During her grief and healing process,  Mary stepped out privately to others in mourning to assist them in their time of need.  What began with a single reading has spiraled into a decade long successful career in the Psychic Medium world. For Information on booking Mary for public, private and group readings, please go to Facebook and Twitter.  






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"My reading with Mary was amazing!  I have never met a woman or Medium who cares so much about her client.  I went into the reading a skeptic and somewhat forced by a friend.  But to my surprise, Mary was exactly right about my Father's passing.  She even spoke about my current pregnancy and I had not announced it to anyone yet.  I was only 5 weeks pregnant so thought I would wait.  Mary told me about my brother's heart problem which at first I denied, but one week later he was rushed to the hospital to have emergency surgery for a blocked valve." - Tara, Holbrook, NY

"Dear Mary,


Thank you for taking the time to talk to me by phone.  I called you for a reading, but feel like I walked away with a new friend.  I was so confused about my relationship and the issue of safety within it, but you gave me wonderful insight and much to think about.  I know you are busy, but you always send me cute inspirational texts. Bless You!" Love, Amanda S.

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